We are building Swarm City so people can transact with each other without third party interference. #Freedom

Using Swarm City removes the need for third party intermediaries allowing every user to transact without obstruction. In doing so, transaction costs are greatly reduced, and there is no more need for users to trust third parties with their personal data.

Building decentralized apps (DApps) on the Ethereum blockchain has the potential to distrupt many global markets and industries including banking and payments, cyber security, supply chain management, forecasting, networking and the Internet of Things, insurance, private transportation and ridesharing, cloud storage, charity, voting government, public benefits, healthcare, online music distribution, retail, real estate, crowdfunding, and any industry that deals with data or transactions of any kind. 

To find out how we think we can use the blockchain to change the world read our Medium article, "Cutting Out the Middleman"

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