Yes, every user will have the ability to create and maintain hashtags.

Since a hashtag is an Ethereum smart contract, it takes processing power to create. That processing power will be paid for in SWT by the hashtag creator.

Hashtag smart contracts give users the ability to communicate and transact in a trustless, decentralized way.

Remember, a hashtag is an individual market located in the marketplace known as Boardwalk. Each hashtag is a context by which users are participating in commerce. When they transact over a hashtag, they are building reputation in that context. Users signal which reputation is important to them by the hashtags they transact over.

The process is very simple for users. 

1. Select the (+) to start the smart contract creation process and confirm the costs of the contract creation

2. The hashtag creator enters a hashtag description to inform users what type of commerce is appropriate. Then names the hashtag and publishes their contact information so that users who need support can reach them

3. The hashtag creator sets a fixed hashtag maintenance fee that will be collected and automatically paid to the hashtag creator/team from each transaction occurring on that hashtag

Thats it! Once the processing is complete, the hashtag creator will be able to share their hashtag short URL, and any user can transact on it.  The new hashtag is added to Boardwalk, and is ready to be used. 

If you’d like to experience this user flow as a clickthrough model, please go here:

In every hashtag creator has the responsibility to make sure their hashtag is an excellent place to participate in commerce. otherwise users will transact elsewhere. Hashtag creators can add other members to their team and allocate a fixed amount to be deducted from the hashtag maintenance fees as compensation.

Reputation will play a vital role in the Swarm City ecosystem, therefore every user has a responsibility to build, maintain, and protect their own reputation.

To follow the development process see our Github.