The Swarm City Terminal v1, the first release, was announced on February 18, 2017.

The Terminal is the starting point of the user journey in Swarm City that serves as the main entry screen into the ecosystem and will be the browser for the hashtags, starting with #pioneer. 

SWT is exchanged directly between users over the Ethereum blockchain; no need for a middleman. The SWT wallet is stored locally on your device; no central servers or database.

Creating a SWT wallet gives users the ability to:

  • generate a new wallet- a vault encrypted with your password and stored locally on your device, this is your public address; no central servers
  • generate a private key- you have sole access and ownership of your private key. There is no way to recover lost or stolen private keys
  • manage a basic profile - stored on IPFS
  • exchange Arcade City tokens (ARC) for Swarm City Tokens (SWT)
  • view balances
  • send & receive SWT from any wallet directly to other users; no need for a middleman
  • create a backup
  • users can import any existing ERC-20 wallet using private keys
  • log out
  • delete user account 

View on Github or create a profile.

Read "First Release & Details on the Token Swap" to gain more insight into what we have planned.

Watch a demo