The Swarm City Token (SWT) is the ONLY unit of exchange on the Swarm City platform. SWT are ERC-20 tokens that are essentially smart contracts that interact with the Ethereum blockchain.

All ARC tokens were minted during the November 2016 ITO and the majority of ARC have already been converted to SWT. There will be no extra tokens minted.

A total of 9,525,397 ARC tokens were minted, so at most only 9,525,397 SWT can ever be minted. This number includes the 16% tokens minted in addition to the ARC Token Sale and these are exchangeable as well.

The amount of SWT created through the ARC token conversion will be the maximum ever created. Check the current converted total here.


Token symbol: SWT

Decimals: 18

Contract address: 0xb9e7f8568e08d5659f5d29c4997173d84cdf2607


The token contract

The SWT token contract is based on the MiniMe token contract created by Griff Green and Jordi Baylina. The MiniMe token contract is a state-of-the-art ERC20 compatible token contract that provides some extra features:

    • Balance history is registered and available to be queried
    • All MiniMe Tokens maintain a history of the balance changes that occur during each block. Two calls are introduced to read the totalSupply and the balance of any address at any block in the past.

View the Swarm City token contract with Etherscan or Ethplorer.