Boardwalk version 1 is Swarm City's the second release. It was globally announced LIVE on June 15, 2017.

Boardwalk is Swarm City’s Minimum Viable Product (MVP). It enables users to create requests and execute deals with Swarm City Tokens (SWT). Boardwalk is where commerce begins in Swarm City, and provides a simple, intuitive system for participating in Swarm City’s peer-to-peer sharing economy.

Boardwalk is the Swarm City public marketplace or virtual mall that has many individual markets, referred to as hashtags. Users can witness all transactions and determine for themselves where they choose to transact. With Boardwalk, hashtag driven provider requests are introduced, #pioneer, which gives individuals the ability to communicate with each other, gain reputation, and transact.

See the Github repo here

More info on this release in "Swarm City: Boardwalk Overview"

Watch the live streamed video here