The Swarm City Terminal is the entry point into the Swarm City ecosystem. 

In Boardwalk version 1, users can do the following:

  • create a profile and digital wallet
  • convert ARC tokens to SWT
  • send and receive SWT
  • view the SWT and ETH token balances
  • view the equivalent USD value of their SWT balances
  • place an offer
  • communicate privately
  • complete a transaction, exchanging SWT on the Boardwalk with other users
  • receive SWR, Swarm City Reputation tokens for completed transactions

Swarm City users will soon have the ability to create their own hashtags with the click of a button, which are smart contracts used to create individual markets with specified parameters.

Swarm City also has a built-in reputation system which helps users determine who they might trust and interact with in the marketplace. Every user builds reputation over time as they transact with others on the platform. Swarm City Reputation (SWR) tokens are minted only when a user successfully completes a transaction on the Boardwalk. The concept of reputation will evolve and become a very important feature.

#Pioneer is the first, and currently only, available hashtag in Swarm City Boardwalk, and is being developed and maintained by the Swarm City dev team. It is a non-context specific hashtag available to users worldwide. Any user can create any offer on #Pioneer without restrictions.

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