Resolution: Add ether to your wallet to cover gas transaction fees


To transact using SWT, the wallet must hold enough ETH to cover the standard gas transaction fees. 

You can add ETH to your SWT wallet by sending ETH to the public address of the wallet holding the SWT that you wish to transact with.

To locate your public address, login to your SWT wallet, and click on your profile username. You will see the first few characters of your public address keystring. To view the entire public address simply click on the keystring. You can share your public address with anyone.

You will also see the option to view your private key. Click on the link to view the entire private key. DO NOT SHARE YOUR PRIVATE KEY. Any person with access to your private key, also has access to the funds in your wallet. Be sure to store this in a safe place. Swarm City can NOT recover your wallet if you lose access to it.