The Swarm City team planned 3 releases:

1. Terminal, released on February 18, 2017, is the first big step toward building a decentralized economy. It gives users the ability to:

  • create a user profile/digital wallet
  • view balances
  • send and receive SWT with simple shortcodes
  • convert ARC to SWT

Read "First Release and Details on the Token Swap" for more details

2. Boardwalk, our Minimal Viable Product (MVP) was released on June 15, 2017. It provides users with a marketplace to communicate and transact within, called #pioneer. It gives users the ability to:

  • complete basic peer-to-peer transactions on the first hashtag, #pioneer
  • create an offer, ask the global audience for any thing or service, in exchange for the amount of SWT you offer
  • generate Swarm City Reputation tokens, receive reputation tokens (SWR) for all completed transactions
  • help fund the City with the hashtag maintainer fee deducted from each transaction. These funds are used to fund support, communication, and conflict resolution for this hashtag

Learn more by reading "Swarm City Boardwalk Overview"

3. Storefront, Swarm City "Hives" begin to organize and offer services on the platform. Context dependent GUIs providing users access to many individual marketplaces are established providing users with:

  • the ability to create and maintain their own hashtag
  • access to all other hashtags (marketplaces) in Swarm City

Learn more by reading "Storefront"

Also find more general info here "Unmistakably Swarm City - How and What we are Developing"