First, locate and copy your ipfs hash backup.

Then, go to your chrome browser and add your ipfs hash to the end of the following link.

Next, save this as a json file. Right click to "save file as" and select "all files", and then add ".json" to the end.

Now, you can go to and use this file in combo with your password to load your wallet. Create new user > backup file > enter password > wallet loading


*** BUG ALERT ***

There is an ongoing issue loading wallets using the ipfs hash backup within the Terminal. It's no longer recommended that users store and rely on an ipfs backup with password only... the private key as always will guarantee you can't lose access.

If you have experienced errors logging in or have access to your ipfs hash backup and password only, please take a minute to follow the instructions below to gain access to your wallet, then follow up by locating your private key, by clicking on your profile address, followed by a prompt to access your private key. Store this offline with your ipfs hash and password to ensure that site issues can't interfere with accessing wallets.