We highly recommend using the current version of the Swarm City DApp at to create new accounts.

Swarm City version 1 was our first draft and is now considered extinct. However, it is still accessible for those who need to use the ARC to SWT conversion tool until we relocate this feature. This version currently has numerous known bugs and issues, and is not being further developed. 

Swarm City developers scrapped version 1 and rebuilt a new and improved version 2 that requires their full attention. Please use version 2 at for optimal DApp performance.

To locate your SWT wallet public address, go to and login to your profile.

Click on your profile name to display the public address associated with the wallet. Users can share the public address (referred to as public key in the DApp) with others to receive any ERC-20 token. 

Just beneath the public address you can view the private key associated with this public address. This private key unlocks this public address, and anyone who has access to this key can access your tokens. DO NOT SHARE YOUR PRIVATE KEY. Be sure to store your private key in a safe place.