The Reserve Wallet holds all SWT and eth received from an external wallet, such as MyCrypto or Trezor using your public address.

To send SWT from your Reserve Wallet to your Cash Wallet follow these steps:

  1. Open your wallet by clicking on the 'balance shown in yellow', next to your avatar
  2. Click 'reserve'
  3. Click 'send'
  4. Enter the 'amount of SWT' to add to the cash
  5. Password required

IMPORTANT NOTE: You will need a small amount of eth for gas in your wallet to move the SWT into your Swarm City Wallet and to transfer it from your Reserve Wallet into your Cash Wallet. Once funds are received into your Cash Wallet to use within the marketplaces or send via shortcode, you will no longer need eth for each transaction. Reserves can not be sent via shortcode to other users without first being transferred to your Cash Wallet.