We highly recommend using the current version of the Swarm City DApp at to create new accounts.

Swarm City version 1 was our first draft and is now considered extinct. However, it is still accessible for those who need to use the ARC to SWT conversion tool until we relocate this feature. This version currently has numerous known bugs and issues, and is not being further developed. 

Swarm City developers scrapped version 1 and rebuilt a new and improved version 2 that requires their full attention. Please use version 2 at for optimal DApp performance.

Click on the profile avatar or username to edit. 

Personalize your account by changing the profile picture and username. The user can upload a profile picture or take the picture with the camera in his device. The image can be cropped before saving.

Once you have edited the profile image and/or nickname, be sure subsequently create a new backup to preserve the edits.

You can now log in and out at will on the current device by entering your password only; unless you delete the user, use a new browser, or clear the browser cache. In which case, you can use your backup file to restore your profile.

Watch a demo