We highly recommend using the current version of the Swarm City DApp at to create new accounts.

Swarm City version 1 was our first draft and is now considered extinct. However, it is still accessible for those who need to use the ARC to SWT conversion tool until we relocate this feature. This version currently has numerous known bugs and issues, and is not being further developed. 

Swarm City developers scrapped version 1 and rebuilt a new and improved version 2 that requires their full attention. Please use version 2 at for optimal DApp performance.

After uploading an avatar and creating a username, you will notice a warning sign that appears that remains until the backup file has been created.

Clicking on this symbol or on the avatar/username takes the user to the profile view with instructions to make a backup.

Users can choose to download a json file to store on the device or email an ipfs backup file to their email address. 

The json file and/or ipfs hash download in combination with your password, can only be used within the Swarm City DApp. You can use this info to sync devices or load your wallet on multiple devices.

Users should ALWAYS locate and store their public address and private key in a safe location. This can be found by clicking on the partial keystring located under the profile username. Once expanded, users can view the entire public address and click "view private key". 


ALWAYS store your private key safely offline.

This info gives you sole ownership and access to the contents of your digital wallet, and can be used to load your wallet on any device as well as other wallet apps. 

* Swarm City CAN NOT recover this info if lost or stolen. Accounts can not be frozen or accessed by any third parties*