Users do not need eth to transact within the Swarm City hashtags or marketplaces.

In Swarm City we are working hard to make transacting on the Ethereum blockchain easy for non tech savvy users. With this in mind we created a bridge into the Swarm City ecosystem that removes the neccesity for users to pay gas fees on every transaction.

With the completion of Season 1, it is now possible for users to create offers, respond to offers, and complete deals within the hashtags or marketplaces without gas.

We haven't managed to eliminate the fees entirely. There are still a few points at which eth is still required:

  1. sending SWT into your Swarm City Reserve Wallet
  2. sending SWT from your Reserve Wallet into your Cash Wallet
  3. removing SWT from your reserve wallet (which can not be done from within the app currently). 

To remove SWT or eth from your Swarm City Wallet you must use an external site such as MyCrypto desktop app and your private key to load your Swarm City Wallet. The funds can be transferred to any other erc-20 address.

Thank you for your patience while we continue to BUIDL. Swarm City is infinitely under construction. Content will be updated periodically. (Last update 2.16.2019 by JW)