Yes, SWT can be held in any ERC-20 token compatible wallet, including the Trezor hardware wallet.

When holding cryptocurrency you have 2 basic options, either protect your funds or have someone else do it. When you depend on someone else to protect your tokens, you must trust a 3rd party to protect your data and your tokens. With a hardware or paper wallet, you must trust yourself not to lose the private keys or seeds. Hardware wallets are more secure because your private key never leaves the hardware wallet.

At this time, there is no centralized wallet, like Coinbase, that is compatible with SWT, so if you want to hold SWT, you must first learn how to use a digital wallet, how to send/receive cryptocurrency, how to protect yourself, how to acquire SWT, etc.

MyCrypto or MEW and Trezor collaborated to work with ERC-20 tokens, which includes SWT.

How to use a Trezor to store SWT

Once you have familiarized yourself with your Trezor device and have secured the seeds, you are ready to use it to hold your SWT.

  • Visit the Official website. It VERY IMPORTANT that you not visit any copycat phishing sites - there are many! It's best to bookmark the official site for safe return visits.
  • Select 'Trezor'
  • Then 'Connect' the Trezor
  • Use MyCrypto as usual to access or send your tokens

For complete instructions, visit Trezor.