No, the Swarm City platform does not have a central server. No user info is stored in a cloud. You and only you have the keys to your wallet. Always store your private key safely offline to prevent lost funds.

However, if you have access to your private key, you can create a new account using your private key to load your account, and create a new password. You will first need to clear your cache or load in a private browser. This method of password recovery does not apply to json or ipfs backup files. In which case, we can not help you recover your password.

A password is created during account creation. It is the first step to creating your new Swarm City digital wallet. This password IS NOT A BACKUP FILE. This password is used to encrypt the wallet only for an extra layer of protection. It prevents unauthorized users from gaining access to your account. The password also prevents users from needing to use their backup file to decrypt their wallet on a recognized device.

A password can only be used on the device on which it was created. It can not be used to sync devices or load the wallet on to multiple devices. For this users will need to use one of their backup files on the new device. 

Every user is responsible for obtaining and storing their own Swarm City backup file and password. We absolutely have no way to recover this info.Be sure to store this info in a safe place.

Users have a few backup options:

  • view and store the private key
  • download a j-son file, this is stored ONLY on the user's device
  • email an ipfs hash backup file to their personal email

IMPORTANT UPDATE (1/25/2019): there's a known issue with version 1 using ipfs hash backup files to recover an account. We apologize for this inconvenience and are working to find resolution.